About Us

If you have been looking for a company that can help you out with the things you need for your HVAC system, we are the one that you are looking for. Our company has been in the business for some time now and we adhere to what’s recommended by the law and with the EPA too. These will make sure that every job done is under a strict compliance and specifications with the innovate tools, methods and products. Every project will be completed with a report. Protech Air Duct Cleaning Mesa will have pictures of before and after to show the clients that we did our best and we have complied with the law. But the photo is upon request only. Some do not want it anymore and we will respect that.

Protech Air Duct Cleaning Mesa are a company that values our clients so much. There is no too big or too small project for us. Every project is treated equally, so you can be sure that your concern will be taken care of accordingly. We continue to become the leading and the growing company when it comes to air duct cleaning system. We have different services to offer our customers and we are not just concentrated with air duct cleaning. For our services, we have air duct cleaning for homes and restoration of the HVAC, we also offer bathroom exhaust cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, sealing of the duct, mold cleaning and control to name some. Call us up and we will help you.

For commercial establishments, Protech Air Duct Cleaning Mesa offer air duct cleaning, coil cleaning, HVAC restoration, exhaust cleaning and even multi-unit and commercial dryer vent cleaning. We can also take care of your healthcare needs if you need to. Our company takes pride in everything we do. We have been giving an improved indoor air quality as much as we can. The air duct cleaning along with coil cleaning enables the HVAC system to work fine, since they were normally sized and intended to work the way they were installed. The ductwork that has collected dirt and debris through time with the coils that has corroded will compromise the air that you breathe.