Dryer Vent Cleaning

Looking for a dryer vent cleaning services? Look no further. We are the dryer vent cleaning experts. We will come to you to do a thorough inspection and offer you the required service. We aim to keep your dyer went clean and go above and beyond to do so.

Tile And Grout Cleaning

We can restore your tile and grout quickly to a better look. Our cleaning products and services can help extend your tiles and floors lie by removing the debris which can weaken them. Our experts can clean tile and grout thoroughly and without any hassles.

Upholstery Cleaning

We offer an intensive cleaning service to fully clean and refresh your upholstery. Our gent and intensive methods are fully guaranteed against shrinkage and removal of dirt and will restore the appearance of your upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning

When comfort of your house is considered, nothing is as luxurious as a clean carpet under your feet. Ensure that continue to look and feel great with thorough and regular cleaning from our experts to extend your carpet’s life.

Air Duct

If you’ve an air duct, then we can clean it. We offer professional, high quality air duct cleaning service in condos, apartments, homes of any size, hospitals, schools, factories, laundromats, etc. Our experts do this by using top class equipments and specialized techniques.

It is just over the past few years when industrial air conditioning becomes one of the most important parts in every work place. It has something to do with the overall health of many employees. There are several reasons behind this demand for air conditioners at a work place. The cost of many air conditioners become very affordable and the cost of its installation as well as maintenance have decreased a lot. That is true since we have been in the industry for quite a while. Protech Air Duct Cleaning Mesa have been taking care of the HVAC cleaning for years now. We can say that the life of the aircon no matter what type you have regardless if it is for residential or commercial depends on the maintenance.

The air conditioning unit is not only important for making a workplace pleasant, but it also helps in keeping the environment healthy for employees. A place where air conditioning system is important is in a mechanical work place. The AC can act as a filter that can eliminate all harmful materials floating around the air that people breathe. It is important for many employers to make sure that their workplace is comfortable and pleasant for their employees to increase productivity.

There are many researchers conducted and revealed that employees want to work in an environment that is properly ventilated and heated. The stress level of people is under control in an environment with favorable temperature and it can also help in increasing the efficiency rate of people in that environment. There are lots of advantages that employers and employees can get out of installing an air conditioning unit. A commercial and industrial air conditioning unit has enough efficiency rate compared to a residential air conditioning unit. It means that this kind of air conditioning unit has a lower maintenance cost. The average life of an industrial air condition is also much higher compared to residential air conditioning unit.

This is because a commercial air conditioning unit comes with a booster in the complete network of its duct. This is to ensure that the air flow of the unit will always remain constant, efficient and well circulated around the place. This is to ensure that the power cost is also under control. There are important aspects that you need to keep in mind when buying industrial air conditioning unit. You also need to think of the maintenance. It should be cleaned annually to make sure that it will serve its purpose. Protech Air Duct Cleaning Mesa are into air duct cleaning and HVAC cleaning and restoration. Protech Air Duct Cleaning Mesa can help you in any way we can.

Air conditioning unit used for commercial establishment must be larger than the one you usually used at home. In a commercial establishment where there are too many people that needs to be served and commercial properties are huge it is a must to have this type of unit to make the place well ventilated. If you are operating a factory, then you might need an evaporative system. If you need air conditioning equipment inside your commercial establishment, then you need make sure that it is suitable for the size of your establishment and the number of people that you need to serve.